After re-registering the isdone.dll file, type the regsvr32 unarc.dll and hit Enter to re-register the unarc.dll file. Alternative, you can use the Check File System feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition to check and fix the logical errors on your hard drive with ease. Uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives box at first.

If your drive is failing before a scan it will still be failing after a scan and you will likely end up with data loss. If your selected drive is a system partition that is being used, Windows will let you schedule a disk check on the next restart. Yes, you can use chkdsk on any drive, even if it’s an external one. Just make sure to specify the name of the drive when you’re running the chkdsk command.

How to Resolve Intel® Optane™ Memory Pinning Error: ‘Unable to load DLL ‘iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll” Encountered

Many users reported getting the error alert Repairing disk errors. This might take over an hour to complete, when they boot into Windows 10, and the startup screen error still won’t go away. If you experience this problem, the basic workaround would be to wait for more than one hour for the boot process to complete. Switch on your computer and keep pressing the F8 key until the advanced boot option appears. Then, choose with safe mode from command promote and hit the enter button.

  • These are much more advanced with loads of extra features, but for an average user, CrystalDiskInfo should work perfectly.
  • If you don’t, press the Win key, type “device manager,” and click when it appears in the search results.
  • Chkdsk (Chkdsk.exe) is a command-line tool that creates and displays a status report for the disk by checking volumes for problems this link.

The themes folder is where all wallpapers and related files are saved. If the folder is hidden due to a bug or human error, Windows won’t be able to access the folder leading to a desktop turning black. Note that after a software update is installed for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS, it cannot be downgraded to the previous version. Learn how toupdate the software on your Macand how to allow importantbackground updates.

How to Format a Toshiba External HD

Tap on “View Reports” to view the reports which were created using this app. Open the app and click-on “Advanced” and configure how the event gets logged. Even the best-kept system boasts reams of scary-looking error messages — hundreds, if not thousands of them.

Saving Windows event log files

With that being reality, why in the world would you keep something so critical without backing it up elsewhere? Microsoft actually provides you with a free, zero thought way too do that by backing your files up to a free OneDrive account. It says so the very first time you use a new computer.