If the utility runs a scan at every boot without stopping, you can try a few solutions. Restart your computer to repair file system. If you can’t boot into Windows XP to run the utility use your original Microsoft Windows XP installation disc to open Recovery Console. Featuring built-in AI, security, advanced IO, high performance compute and Ethernet, the new Intel® Xeon® D processor is ready to deploy wherever you need it. Co-engineering behind the Lenovo Yoga 9i went beyond ordinary collaboration to produce an extraordinary laptop.

  • This is a new Blue Screen that has popped up with Windows 8.1.
  • Then, follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall the program.
  • Or An exception …, you are encountering this error.
  • Be sure to select “All file types” in the save as window.

See Windows – Troubleshooting Using the Device Manager. Note that three scan this link “Stages” of the /f option of the chkdsk command are run. With the utility now running type at the DISKPART prompt list volume as shown below.

Other Causes and Solutions

Select Change Drive Letters and Paths as shown below. Look for keys based on the name of the uninstalled applications or the vendor and delete them. The registry can also fragment when software is uninstalled, upgraded or updated.

At the prompt type select volume 1 to select the desired partition. Open the Windows Command Prompt as Administrator and type diskpart to start the utility as shown below. It is possible to use the Windows Disk Management tool to assign a drive letter to these partitions. To do so, place your mouse cursor inside the partition you wish to assign a letter to and left button click there. You will notice that the background of the partition takes on a hashed look as shown below. As you can see there are a lot of options allowed in the chkdsk tool which can provide some advanced operations.

A list of known servers that use SteamCMD to install is available on the Dedicated Servers List page. Note that any extra commands listed need to be executed before the app_update line. It is recommended you use this command only on initial installation and if there are server issues. Open the system menu and make sure that the sound is not muted or turned down.

Asset setup

Laravel is fine-tuned for building professional web applications and ready to handle enterprise work loads. The value of this key is the ServerRoot directory which contains the conf subdirectory. When Apache starts it reads the httpd.conf file from that directory. If you copy the Apache directory or configuration files to a new location it is vital that you update the ServerRoot directive in the httpd.conf file to reflect the new location.

The quickest way to resolve a BSOD on a Nintendo Switch is to hold down the Power button for 12 seconds to shut it down, and then restart it. Otherwise, switch to recovery mode and select Factory Setting Without Deleting Save Data. If updating doesn’t work or isn’t an option, simply uninstall the program and then install a clean version of it all over again. If you haven’t corrected the cause of the BSOD yet, continue below with either the software or hardware steps, depending on the direction your troubleshooting went above. Typically, the only necessary hardware for starting your PC through to the operating system includes the motherboard, CPU, RAM, primary hard drive, keyboard, video card, and monitor. It’s highly likely that the root cause of any given Blue Screen of Death is a failing piece of hardware.

STOP Code: 0x00000109

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