Cross tabulation having Chi-Square analyses was basically did ranging from answers to help you “Will you be in support of using birth control?


The outcomes regarding the investigation identify significant subjects of idea off this new impact from birth-control among someone. Full, there are no intercourse differences understood in solutions to many out of this new survey questions except that a whole lot more females than simply males expressed favorability into the birth prevention use. Most participants irrespective of sex trust they have the fresh ability to end an unplanned pregnancy. On the other hand, the majority of members plus consider its partners’ wishes regarding your the means to access contraceptive as actually either extremely important or very important, however, believe that it on their own decide whether to have fun with birth-control. More players do not think they will be evaluated by the area once they fool around with birth control, and you may a much better majority come into favor away from birth prevention have fun with. However, there may be a minority of one’s society who would instance to utilize contraceptive however, believe reasoning could well be a problem.

Overall, this information indicates a broad acceptance out-of birth-control by each gender one of several people of a single society on Dominican Republic. You’ll be able to that people regarding the society of your own present study, especially female, is putting on depend on and you will becoming more conscious of their liberty when you look at the having fun with contraception. Increasing involvement in wage a job features emboldened women in household decision and work out [ 9 ], which could translate so you’re able to intimate relationships also. You are able your relationship ranging from heterosexual lovers is more equal much less ruled of the males, which could support ladies to help you better work to their tastes.

A similar report subsequent asserts the large adolescent pregnancy rate is concentrated inside poorer organizations, that can easily be said of the a lack of access to contraceptive otherwise intimate wellness studies [ 11 ]

Members just who conveyed a preference for using contraceptive have been probably be to own previously used birth control no less than “sometimes”. This type of results recommend that those people who are and only birth control play with may have used it just before while having an excellent comprehension of its really worth when you look at the stopping unexpected pregnancy. We can subsequent extrapolate one as reproductive wellness guidelines had been liberalized inside the places that will be mostly Catholic, especially in Latin America, birth prevention has been even more readily available and you will prevalent [ 10 ].

Even though contraception might have been wearing enjoy within the a community of one’s Dominican Republic, all of our performance advise that around still tends to be holes in availability and you will productive play with. Nearly that-third away from respondents reported that he has got never made use of contraceptive, and you may a comparable number of respondents noted “yes” whenever expected when they otherwise their partner keeps had an enthusiastic “unplanned or unwanted maternity”. There is no mathematical significance regarding the relationship ranging from those two responses, which may mean that people who claim that he’s made use of contraception ahead of you are going to still have an unplanned maternity. This might originate from useless accessibility contraceptive or lack of use of birth control. As well, the newest higher invited and you can favorability of using birth control shown in our performance cannot give an explanation for higher adolescent maternity rate inside the Dominican Republic. Depending on the 2017 National Person Creativity Statement towards the Dominican Republic, 22% of females anywhere between ages twelve and you can 19 have been expecting, a rate which is 34% greater than mediocre for Latin America and Caribbean countries. A potential barrier, regardless of the fundamentally positive attitude to the birth prevention, is generally too little education otherwise consistent, reputable availability. Due to the fact our investigation merely handled the fresh new attitudes of women decades 18 Muslim dating app and earlier, it ought to be considered that brand new views of women within ages of 12 and 19 possess somewhat impacted the outcomes of data. So it restriction provides a chance for future research to explore you’ll be able to differences in opinions out-of welcome of birth prevention usage in females significantly more than as opposed to beneath the ages of 18, and in case this could help explain the high teenage maternity price in the Dominican Republic. Regardless of, this issue opens the doorway for further browse, and these openings from inside the wisdom give solutions to possess governing bodies, health options, and future small-label medical missions to make birth-control and gender training a great deal more offered.